Well, yes, I did.

Last week so a bit nerve racking for me. I felt like using-I didn't, but came too close for comfort.
I had a feeling my doctor would want to up my dose, as his theory is better more now than too much (doc's) later.
Last night, Thursday, I phoned my pharmacist to ask what the charges would be if I was upped my certain doses.
It happens to be upped my 4mg, which is what my doctor has done in the past is more than double the extra price to jump up to 6mg. more. As we all know sub only comes in two doses 8mg and 2mg. This is crazy, but that's another post altogether.
I am now on 24mg. a day. YES, I know it's a lot. I would have gone up to 22mg, anyway, so to save a $hitload of money, I (and doctor) decided to go right up to 24mg, which by the way is the highest given out here.
With each new jump up I'm always a bit nervous. Will I get sick? Will I..whatever. Well, I don't feel any difference, yet. Meaning that I don't feel sick or anything from this new dose. I am not even sure what I am expecting to feel. I know what I don't want to feel and that's the nasty cravings I had last week.
I don't even understand why, after six weeks, I'd still come up cravings I felt too much. Don't get me wrong, in other weeks, I guess I had some mild cravings-not even really cravings. More like passing thoughts. That's why last week felt so different.
Many of you might be of the belief this is way too high and maybe so. I just wanted to feel 'covered'. It's hard to explain just what I mean. I hope I won't have to justify my actions with the higher dose. I guess I'll see what happens.
Everyone has an opinion. I know that. And many of those opinions I have taken and have been very helpful.
Hope this works, and I can cut down the dose in the next couple of weeks.

It's the weekend! to all those who work full-time-ENJOY!