I have taken many different meds to manage my Bipolar Disorder 2. I have severe mixed episodes & my Doc says I can't take an antidepressant due to this. Some of the anti-psychotics I have taken did help with sleeping & hypomania but don't seem to touch the depression I get & most had too many side effects (especially a ton of weight gain). I tried a few mood stabilizers such as Lamictal (made my hair fall out), Depakote (felt like a zombie) & Tegretol (spelling?) which made me feel like I had the flu 24/7 & they didn't really help me anyways. I know every med has side effects but my Doc wants to put me on Lithium now that I have insurance & can afford reg. blood tests etc. Can I get some input on if this drug works for you? How much you take? How often you need blood tests done, side effects, is it more inclined to help with depression? Is it true you can't take Ibuprofen wile on it because I have Endometriosis & take alot of Advil for the pain. Any info on Lithium is appreciated.