I've taken Metformin for over four years and it's always given me a lot of stomach pain and problems. I am Insulin Resistance and not Diabetic yet. My doctor seems to emply that I had to take metformin even if it bothered me. Is that safe?

I was taking nexium to help my stomach but due to a change in insurance the price of nexium went up so I stopped taking it because we just didn't have the money. But my stomach started hurting more and I was always misserable. I had horrible acid all the time and started throwing acid up and I couldn't keep anything down at all. I stopped taking all medications then because I know I couldn't keep them down anyway and the the metformin was likely causing the problem. I've been off metformin for a few days now and feel so so so much better. I'm being much more careful with my food and seem to be fine. I actually don't get as many hypos as I did when I was on the metformin.

Should I be worried about going off metformin? I know it helps my pancreas but if it's killing the rest of my body I just don't see the point! Are there other medications that could help a person with insulin resistance that I should consider taking?

I just feel like I've finaly gotten the toxins out of my body that have been making me misrable for years :-)