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I've stopped Rozerem four days ago and now waking @ 4 am wide awake,anyone know ifhis is permanent?

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itsmetoo2 18 Dec 2009

Depends what time you went to bed. Your system is probably do a self adjust. If it does not correct on it's own, try warm milk before you retire for the night.You may sleep better and longer.

kimmy28168 30 Sep 2010

It takes awhile for your body to adjust and establish a sleep pattern after stopping sleep meds. At bedtime try warm milk and a warm bath. Don't go to bed too early until your body adjusts. After stopping sleep meds, I tried all of the above, adding a 25 mg. Benadryl when I woke up at 3 or 4 am. Eventually you will be able to sleep all night. I'm assuming you have no other problems, such as chronic pain. If you do, talk to your Dr.

itsmetoo2 30 Sep 2010

There is many herbal teas that can be used to promote good sleep. Take this just before bedtime. free discount card

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