i want to be evaluated for OCD as my anxiety has recently been assessed as 'severe'. i dont feel the medications im taking now are helping almost 5 months later. my OCD has not gotten better so i would guess neither is my anxiety, as OCD is a result of anxiety. i am just recently seeing a psychiatrist and am hoping to get medication mgmt figured out quickly.. been taking klonopin 1mg/2x/day for almost 5 months now with very little relief. could i be taking better medications? something that will give me instant relief in an instance of a panic attack or crying spell? im frustrated with my doctors who want to give me depression medications, which i was taking celexa that was suppose to help with the anxiety, once i told my dr it made me depressed (when i wasnt before i started the regimin) he tried to switch me to prozac, my new primary care would recommend paxil... i do not want an anti-depressant.. even an anti-depressant/anti-anxiety combo drug isnt good for me. i want tests and verifications done first in order to figure out which drugs will work best. they dont believe me enough to give me anything worth taking like xanax or valium. i also have a lot of body pain that i think is a ssociated with my stress and anxiety and would like to see a chiropractor. its hard to tell if the drugs are working when i have the added stress of life itself. im not sure what to do or which drugs will work best for me with the circumstances im under..