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I've just started on 50mg pristiq after being on100mg Zoloft. I've had pain in my chest and stomach?

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LaurieShay 5 Aug 2011

Hey Jules,

If you are having persistent chest pain, you need to let the doctor know right away. Stomach pain as in nausea is common when starting Pristiq and will subside. The chest pain on the other hand may be something more serious or may be just anxiety. Your doctor is the one who needs to decide what you need to do. Please contact him asap.

Best wishes,


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Jules7 8 Aug 2011

Thanks Laurie,
The nausea has subsided but the chest pain is still there.
Its like a dull ache in the middle of my chest and I know it could be anxiety but then it is constantly there even when I am not stressed.
I suppose I worry because my mother at my age had a clot in her lung although she said I would be sick if I had that.
I dont like to run to the drs as I feel like I have been there a lot lately and dont want to seem like a hypochondriac. I am tired as well I just wish this Pristiq will hurry up and settle in to my system.

LaurieShay 8 Aug 2011

Hey Jules,

I wouldn't worry about running to the doctor too much. If you are still having chest pains, you should be evaluated. You may want to at least contact your regular GP for an evaluation or contact the prescribing doctor and ask what you should do. Ignoring the chest pain is not recommended especially if it is persistent.


sweetie pie 5 Aug 2011

Hello Jules7! How long have you had this chest pain? If you have it continuely you need to go to the emergency room ,especially, if you have shorteness of breath or nausea. This could be serious and you should not take a chance. Do you know how heartburn feels? Did the pain start after you had eaten? Since it is impossible to know all of your symptoms and other information ( medical history), you need to have a doctor evaluate you. Do not hesitate to call 911 if your pain continues and you think that you cannot wait to see your doctor. I hope that it is nothing serious. Let us know how you are doing. Sweetie Pie

Jules7 8 Aug 2011

Hi sweetie pie,
I have had a constant dull ache for at least 6 weeks it is not painful that it disturbs me but it is just there.
I thought it might be anxiety as I suffer from that but at times I am not anxious and stressed it is still there.
I dont seem to have shortness of breath.
No I dont know what heartburn feels like so I cant determine if it is that or not???
My mum at my age had a clot in the lung and is now on warfrin as her blood can clot easily I worry that may happen to me but if I had something like that my mum said I would be feeling sick as well.
I know I should go to the drs but i feel it isnt enough to warrant going there though if it gets worse I would. I seem to be at the drs a lot lately as she gets my medication for anxiety right.

Thanks for your feedback it is great to know people are here to help and can understand.
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