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I've just been perscribed Neurontin. How long does it take to improve menopausal symptoms?

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Cathleen186 25 Jan 2011

How much were you prescribed? I'm taking 300mg 3x and it started working right away, number one I am sensitve to drugs and two my prescription is for anxiety not for pain. my first reaction was it made me spacey, but i got over that in a week. it just quiets my mind. I heard it's great for pain too, so I hope it gives you the results you need, hope that helps a little...

kscherer 25 Jan 2011

300MG 2x per day. I'm very sensitive to drugs also.

caringsonbj 25 Jan 2011

just be aware that if it makes you feel things hard to concentrarte give it a little time, the Adult dose is 300mg to 600mg three times a day dosing would depend on your individual response, give it some time it may start working faster than you anticipate if you do not obtain relief be sure to discuss this with your doctor I would think (just from the experience of others) that once this gets in the blood it takes a pretty fast effect but if you have any problems or do not improve consult your doctor

christineATU 25 Jan 2011

Hi kscherer, It says it may take a few weeks to reach its' full benefits. It's one of those medications that needs to build up in your system for a while. I hope you find relief from it soon! Below is a link of others opinions and reviews of this medication.
best wishes,

kscherer 26 Jan 2011

Thanks! I can't wait for it to start working. . . free discount card

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