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I've had two sudden rushes of anxiety within minutes of each other. Is this normal?

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Anonymous 25 Jan 2012

It def.can happen. I've had panick attacks that lasted almost seven hours, non stop. Of course I ended up in the hospital. But was calmed down by ativan(a benzo). Be calm and remember to breath, anxiety is horrible, but rarely life threatning. Btw. If this continues, speak to your dr. Good luck, and remember to breath. = ) Taylor

babyr0423 25 Jan 2012

Dear JPineda,
I wouldn't say that it is normal, no. I would definately give my doctor a call and let him know what's going on. I have horrible anxiety and take Klonopin for it. Like Taylor said, it's important to try and relax and breathe. Take a good long breath. But definately let you're doctor know if it keeps up. We want to keep you good and healthy. :) Good luck to you. Ruth

nenag 25 Jan 2012

I think it all depends on what you have going on in life. If there is a reason to feel axiety or stress then i would say yes it is normal, but if you are just feeling anxiouse then i recommend you speak to your Dr. keep us posted - Nena free discount card

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