Default I have gotten help, now I want to help a friend. Tell me how!!!
I have been clean from Vicodin for over a month now. I am currently taking Suboxone and seeing a doctor weekly to help me through this tough time. However, recently I noticed a good friend self destructing and on a serious downward spiral into the the life of pills.

My friend has been known to take up 8 Xanax "bars" and 5-8 Vicodin 7.5mg at a time. She drinks heavily, smokes marijuana and is reluctant to admit when she is on any or all of her vises. She has had two seizures in the past month and a half due to benzo withdrawl. She is has been very obviously high in public settings and others around have been coming to me asking if my friend is alright.

I became less tolerant of her drug use and I have been confronting her about her her dependencies. However, she has an excuse for every drug, whether it is she is "exhausted"or only "drunk" she is lying to me.

Her boyfriend seems to feed into her lies and manipulation, but I know better. She has most recently tried to manipulate everyone around her to belive she is clean and that I am out to get her. Succeeding sometimes and slowly breaking me down. I know she is still using and that even if she becomes clean for a few days or a week, it is only a matter of time until her "back hurts," or she is "hungerover" and needs more vicodin. Or she blames her seizures on why she needs her xanax still.

My point is that after so much time asking her to get help, telling her there is no shame in admitting you need help and that I will be with her by her side the entire way (I am also getting help) she keeps turning it down claiming she is clean.

How can I get her to be honest with me?
How can I show her exactly how bad she is, out in public or just alone on these pills?
How can get her to stop using?
How can get her to understand where I am coming from and why I am confronting her?

I miss who my friend USED to be.