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I've got a friend that came to me with a heroin addiction and she can't afford rehab, how do I help?

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Inactive 31 Mar 2010

There are a couple of things she can do. One, google the Thomas recipe opiate withdrawal and get the otc meds and supplements listed and follow the recipe. The other is to check out a medication called suboxone. They have a website for it and it has doctors listed from every area who are licensed to prescribe it. It is not a quick fix, but, it does work. The doctor will charge a fee and that varies, so, write down all the doctors in her area and call them all to see what the fee it. Counseling with a drug addiction therapist is also highly recommended or group counseling at AA, NA, suboxone group, or even a methadone support group will greatly increase her chances of staying clean.

I know a man name Jesus who set me free from my addiction.He died on the cross so we can be free from being a slave to using,etc. He used a church called Victory Outreach to help drug addicts, gang members prositutes etc..i know people all around the world that have been set free from thier drug addictions thur God using this world wide church to help them thru there rehab homes and thur there churches.You can learn more about them by going on internet look it up on they have many different locations of rehabs go to church locator to the area you would want the rehab in. It helps when your in area that has some distance from where your familar its less tempting to leave rather stay in area that your close to your connections,etc.I been sober eight years now thanks to my Lord using this church to help me and many others to break free from being slave to using, when we desire to be free just dont know to break the cycle.This church started by Sonny Arguinzoni who before was a herion addict but was set free from his addiction by the power of God. God used teen challenge rehab to help him beat his addiction thanks to God.who now in turn is reaching other drug addicts and their families thru these churches and rehabs.Hears number that you can call to talk to some one for more info.818 897 0900 concerning our rehabs and church service.This one is located in san fernando valley 13580 osborne st. CA.91331 Church time Sunday morning. 9.30am and 6pm Fridays 7.30pm Call them they will work with you despite your financial hardship.It just takes willing person to want to come be free from their addiction.Hope its help to you.It change my life countless others come check it out for yourselves. free discount card

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