... I have Major Depression and at this point in time I am needing him to be by my side more than ever, but instead I have found myself doubting him and catching him in lies. All of a sudden he has told me that he needs "guy" time so all day yesterday he didn't answer any of my calls from the time he took me home at 9am until 6am the next morning. I tried on and off to try and call him and he wouldn't answer. There was even a question about me going into the hospital! He knew we were waiting to hear from my Psychiatrist, but he left and said he had to clear his head. He said it wasn't me, but it was that he was mad at the way he had let me down and hurt me. Is that just a cop-out? Im losts and confused and I need help. Did my being depressed push him away? He say's that he thinks that he is depressed. Did I let this destroy my relationship?