my stoll is green as a grass, or I have diarrhoea/constipation, cramps.I was trying to eliminate milk, meat, gluten, fruit... all kinds of "diets", but I have sympoms independly what I eat. I have no stomachache if I don't take food. The symptoms diminish gradually during the 4-th week of taking Yasmin and aggravate again during following 3 weeks. It seems, that the hormons are cumulated during 3 weeks and somehow affect my digestive system causing intolerance to food. Does anyone have similar experience, or explanation to my symptoms ? I asked my family doctor and gynecologyst-endocrinologyst, they both ignore my problem and claim , that the symptoms and unrelated to hormonal therapy. I can not stop taking Yasmin, because I have PCOS. Where can I direct my question or find a specialist, who could give me an answer ? I am despaired ,help me, please ! Czupurek