This last month I have to admit I forgot to take a pill one day and I did not always take it at the exact same time, say 8-12 hours later than usual. I am not usually this forgetful but we had a lot of things going on and I would get distracted. Anyways, I'm into my 3rd day of my period week and I still haven't started, nor had symptoms of period. I noticed a few weeks ago I was getting lightheaded, mild nausea but not anything unbearable and lately I've been feeling really warm in my cheeks. Usually my chest will be very sore and tender about 2-3 days before I start and but I haven't had any soreness or tenderness. They feel slightly larger than normal, but no tenderness. The thing that is making me wonder is my husband and I have used condoms AND the pill every time we have sex. I did not think it really could be possible to get pregnant, especially using the condoms. I think I did however miss taking the pill around the time we were having sex frequently. We did use a condom though. I've taken 2 HPT, one on Sunday, when I was starting my period week, and one on Monday. Both came back with 1 line, meaning I wasn't pregnant. Is this all in my head? Could I just be skipping my period this month? I am a little worried and don't know what to think?