after a car accident, I broke 5 vertebra's,2 ribs and chipped bones in my shoulder.Due to having a highly physical yet excellent paying job,I remained on the pain meds for 5 years. After a while I built up such a tolerance I wasn't even sure if was helping anymore. So, I decided to ween myself off. Not thinking it would be hard, boy was I wrong! I realized I couldn't do it alone. After much time on the Internet I came across Suboxone. I located a doctor, made an appointment and haven't felt this good since before my accident! It made giving up my opiates easy with no sickness. And no stigma like Methadone and no risk of turning around and abusing it. Anyway, my doctor started doing monthly urine tests about 6 months. No biggy, I was fallowing the his instructions to the letter, or to the milligram should I say! I'm down to 6mg per day. Started at 16mg. Now, he tells me that the FDA has set down new rules that I must attend MANDITORY 2 hours a month either group therapy at his office, or private therapy from another doctor. I have no issue with getting talk therapy if I have an issue I'm struggling with, but I never felt better actually! He is treating me for ADD & insomnia which is aggravated from the subox. I'm already paying a fortune in co-pays & for my 3 scripts, enough is enough! I searched all over the Internet for this new FDA mandated protocol for Subox, even the web site! He also handed me a letter, it said, if I don't comply, it could effect my subox prescription.This would be of benefit if I were struggling to stay clean, or if I ever failed a drug test, or even if I simply didn't seem "alright" to him. But none of these things are the case! Most insurances don't cover Suboxone, & so many have no insurance. They have to not only pay for the office visit, but the suboxone too. Now, another $40 a month, in my case anyway unnecessary therapy! Hopefully I'll only be on thisonly another 4 months but what about the others who are just starting? Is this great program gonna be put in danger of becoming unattainable to the average Joe or Jane? Their only other alternative would be the almost useless and usually unsuccessful Methadone program?Anyone else heard of this?