Im so scared. I am a mother of four young children. For 3 years i abused perocet and Hydocodone. Started with just one tablet once a day,then 2 and then..well I hope someone understands stands me and I can just say thats how the cookie crumbles. I went cold turkey last Feb for a week and half,where I stayed at my sisters house,with complete family support so the kids were well tended to. And I acheived my goal of getting off pain medication.IT WAS THE WORSE WEEK IN MY LIFE> My other question is will this experience be anything like what i went through then? I must mention that the entire time I was withdrawing from the pain medication abuse, i was taking motrin, and after 7 days consistant use of just motrin alone I developed an ulcer which burst and It landed me in icu after given 2 hours to live because I had bleed so much thru my bowel,all along thinkin I was just have bad loose black stools,not aware that blood doesnt always appear red.I manage to have tubes taken out of my nose,mouth and stomach and released from hospital one mth later. At that point I wasnt on any suboxone, but somewhere in the mix of being a single mom of 4 I kept thinking of that good energetic feeling and the care free attitude that seem to come in that little white pill package I ended up using for another 2 weeks, then decided to start taking suboxone, so there goes, Now im 3 days without any and I am scared of the pain i remember making its way back into my body. I read others but it seems they were on alot higher doses that I was.So I decided to try this for myself. If for some reason there is someone there that does have time to read all this ,i do have another question. it safe for me to go through this without doc supervision..Please anwser back, but if noone does I must say I feel some sort of completion by just typing this... at nearly 2 am lol