... Last month, i switched to oxycodone 15mg 6x/day.. as the new oxycontin OP plastic pills were ineffective and concerns over tylenol in the percocet. 2 months into this regime im noticing the meds are not working at all any more for pain, and suddenly a new phenomena..late evenings i'm experiencing sudden extreme anxiety and uncontrollable emotion, The anixety is extreme ... panic levels skyrocket for no reason and my brain goes into alert mode trying to justify the feeling. It is horrible and has kept me awake at nights.. In these times i feel extremely suicidal. I do have a history of depression and anixiety. Is this coming from the QUALITEST oxycodone specifically..or have i reached my tolerable limit on this medication. I alos have a couple of alcoholic drinks in the evening... is this causing a synergistic event? This is very scary, and i have a cousin that commited suicide from emotional issues, 4 years ago, that many at the time attributed to oxycontin. Is this possible... How did i not see this coming. My dose was 3- 10mg percocets a day + 4 oxycontins.. This was increased 2 months ago to 6 -15 mg oxycodones/day.. they r the qualitest generic... im very frightened at this sudden onset of extreme emotional distress.When it occurs i feel helpless and out of control... and mammoth anxiety! I am immediately starting to ween down my dose.. but already i'm edgy. Any thoughts?