I started taking them just recreational on weekends and then started taking them during work and so on and so forth and got to the point where I was up to some days taking 300 mgs of percocet a day and financial I had to stop so I started taking suboxone and was using that for about 8 months and didn't realize how addictive and how bad the wd would be so when I went on a vacation I didn't bring and with me and went through the worst 3 days of my life and came back and started back up with percocet again and eventually because of financial reasons went back to subs and recently weined myself off and came off and relapsed and started taking the time released oc80s for the last 3 weeks and some percs occasionally and am at the point where its ruining my life and just want to be done with it forever and just don't know what to do I have 2 subetex and 1 8mg sub strip and just need help on what would be the best way to just make this come to an end with as little discomfort as possible because that's why I keep relapsing because I can make it through the first 4 or 5 days but it gets so bad I just can't take it and fall right back into it again so I can make this hell go away but again its ruining my life and just need to go back to my outgoing fun life loving self is there annyone out there that would have some good advice for me please anything would be very much appreciated