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I've been taking methyiprednisolone for 2 days--my legs feel achy and weak. Is this normal?

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fightu35 26 Jun 2010

when I get my injection,my legs feel weird also,a lil weak,then it goes away,
hope this helps,but my dr.said its fine

cheersrichard 27 Jun 2010

i presume this to be a streroid injection, prednisalone is a powerfull anti imflamitry , used in chemo therapy and other things, i may be of track but if your muscles were imflamed (they would be tight stiff ect?) so if you had the injection the peressure would drop and this would explain why your legs are wobbly, as there not stiff as before, and im only presuming as i dont no your case. the achy may be your body recovering, im trying to remember when i was taking them, they made mke feel good but i do remember they can long term take a tole on your bones, masybe see the doc. i just thought id try to answer instead of not , i hope it helped cheers

kmfed44 27 Jun 2010

This did help--I called the doc and she said "it wasn't a side effect" when it clearly states on the internet that it's a severe side effect. I went off it and already my legs feel better. No injection, it was pills I was on for posion ivy. But if this is used for chemop patients, that say it all--IT"S TOO STRONG. I will never do it again as I will deal with the itching. thanks for your comment :)

cheersrichard 27 Jun 2010

glad your mind is at ease, and thanks for the feed back, its great to feel valued my friend, when i said chemo drugs its not to kill the cancer but to stop the side effects of imflamation from the cytoxins, so it would be safe to take for your reason no probs, it is a little addicfive with some though, sorry if i diddnt explain well, so glad its all good cheers richard

cheersrichard 27 Jun 2010

ibuprofen is the realy weak version if your still imflamed, hope it goes well free discount card

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