Dr gave me .5mg of oxycodone this month to take up to 5 time a day,Instead of the Lortabs.I took the Lortabs I had left over. Hadn't been taken Oxcy's to much. I'm going to start taking them now, will be going to the Pain Clinic in about 2 weeks can they tell I been taking the Tabs and Oxcy's. I mean I might take a tab 10 am, & 3 pm and that evening a .5mg Oxcy. He said my liver function was up a little. That why he gave me Oxcy's. How long does the Lortab stay in your blood. I will take the oxcy's just get a higher dose I guess. He ask if I wanted a higher dose before I left. I told him No . Just wondering will he know I took some Tabs this month to.