My doctor started me on this for depression that accompanied the development of hypothyroidism. I've tried coming off a few times, but have felt myself "going down" emotionally, so went back on. I can't believe I let myself (or my doctor let me) stay on this so long. I guess it was the assurance the doctor gave me initially about the drug's safety. Now it is an insurance issue, as well as fear about what the long terms effects of using this drug may be. I never thought about withdrawal symptoms until coming across this website while trying to find out long-term effects of the drug. After reading some other entries, I see that some peculiar symptoms I've been experiencing this week (which I attributed to menopause, that having started in the past 8 months) such as dizziness, extremely hot at night, trouble sleeping, and anxious, chaoctic dreams, may be "withdrawal". Can anyone confirm this possibility, and let me know what else to expect and for how long? Thanks!