I'm not pregnant, nor have I even ever had sex. I'm taking the pill to control the amount I bleed during my period. I used to bleed very heavily (I would go through an entire pack of heavy flow pads a day) for seven days. I have been taking birth controls for a year or so to control this problem. But the other birth controls would cause other medical problems so I got switched to Junel 1/20 (or Loestrin Fe 1/20). The first month I took it, my period was extremely light, and I bled for maybe three days. It was more like spotting than an actual period. The second month, I started my period on late Monday night/early Tuesday morning as I usually start my periods. My period for that week went on until Friday, bleeding pretty normally, not too heavy, not too light. Now for the third month, I have no period at all. I am still a virgin, so being pregnant is simply impossible. At first, all I could think that could be wrong is that I missed my last active pill (last fridays) and took it on Saturday with a "reminder" pill. I assumed that this would just delay my period a day or two. But it didn't. I haven't started bleeding. I talked to my doctor that said that it would only be a problem if I didn't have a period next month too. But I'm freaking out about this. What's going on?