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I've been taking Doxycycline for almost year is that ok?

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RemSupreme 5 Apr 2010

no thats terrible,you been taling an anti-biotic for a year.Whats your doctor like.Say you get an infection 10 years from now and try to take an anti-biotic it wont work because of the doxycycline you took for a year.Stop taking them at once there is no withdrawl

christineATU 6 Apr 2010

RemSupreme? I am one of the 25 mothers that lamblasted you on a question you posted. I added you as a friend, I hope you accept. No lectures or talks about the "evils" of drugs. Promise. Please accept my invite.

RemSupreme 6 Apr 2010

Thank you and of course ill be your friend

christineATU 6 Apr 2010

RemSupreme is right. Your doctor is ruining your immunity system. The only reason someone would be on it that long is for acne. There are other, safer topical medications that work better. You are a good example of why scientics are having to come up with SUPER anti-biotics. Someday, those too will not work. free discount card

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