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Ive been taking 100mg of oxy everyday for 2 weeks. how bad will my withdrawl be? I got hurt at work?

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Inactive 5 Jun 2011

Hi cobra,
You shouldn't have much in the way of withdrawal. Two weeks isn't very long really.
However, if you do start feeling WD symptoms, please google The Thomas Recipe for a list of oct meds you can use if you develop symptoms.
Ususally, one will experience muscle aches, headaches, tummy issues, and other unpleasant problems. If you do have any WD come here for support, many of us have gone through it, and can help you out.
Best wishes,

cobrakai650 10 Jun 2011

Thanks Alot Sweetlemon. I cut all ties with the oxy crowd and have been clean for 5 days now. W/D was crappy but im sure pails in comparison to others who are deeper down the rabbit hole. My Oxy habit was more like 4 months but built up slowly. I just sucked it up and forced myself to continue working/exercising etc. Problem is i still have a bunch of this stuff and i dont want to flush it. Therefore the addict in me is waiting to ambush me a month down the road. I'l try to just use it when i need it for my back pain which is not often thankfully. I do tai chi,stretching, still riding my bike etc. So Im doing ok. thanks for the kind words.

LaurieShay 5 Jun 2011

Hey cobrakai,

You can always taper off the oxy by decreasing the dosage by 5 to 10 mgs every 4 or 5 days and avoid any withdrawals. A hundred mgs is a fair amount of oxy to be on so you may benefit from a taper. If you decide to taper, count the number of pills you have left and I'll help you with a taper plan, if you would like.

Best wishes,


Inactive 5 Jun 2011

since you have only been on the oxy for a brief time, you may actually have no withdrawal, I can't promise that, but usually it take several months if not a year to develop a dependence to the point of having withdrawal once an opiate is stopped. The Thomas recipe lists some over the counter meds that will help, but it is likely you won't have anything happen if you have only been on it for 2 weeks. free discount card

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