... methadone,Xanax,morphine,OC's... etc. and have quit everything cold turkey at one time. I went to rehab last year to help me get off Xanax lortab and adderall stayed clean for about a month and relapsed. I've been on lortab for about a year now and want to quit desperatly but rehab is out of the question bc first of all I don't have the money and second of all I think it's over rated. I've been taking about 10-15 10mg lortabs a day. My friend gave me 4 8mg suboxones and told me to take a 1/4 of one when I start DTn and another 1/4 if that doesn't work to help me w the withdrawls. I've been taking them for 2 days now (4mg twice a day) and it's been working great! I only plan to take them for a few days or if I start feeling bad because like I said I only have 4. My guestion is... will I go back into withdrawl after I stop taking them or when I run out if I'm only taking them for just a few days? I've quite cold turkey before and only suffered for about a week but just really can't afford to do that this time bc of my job. I really want to stop taking taking these things and get my life back! ANY comments on this will be MUCH appreciated! Thanks