I've been studying symptoms of bipolar, but would love to hear more signs to look for?After spending 2-1/2 years with my now husband, what I thought was eccentricities may very well be additional bipolar signs. Examples are taking things around the house that belong to others and saying he doesn't have them-not to use, but just because; connecting with women on facebook or by email with no apparent intention of ever meeting them; bad language and lots of criticism, especially to me and my nine year old daughter (I know he can control a lot of it, because he never behaves that way around his mother). He was single for over 25 years before we married-does a bipolar sense a certain tolerance of an individual and maybe latch on to that person, who will put up, as I have, with a lot of unacceptable behavior? He is now taking Seraquel xl 50mg, which seems to make him sleepy earlier at night. I keep holding out hope that this medication will work if he stays on it. I insisted that he tell me out loud that he knows he has this disorder and needs this medication. He said yes, but what about the behavior of the rest of the family... I pray things will work out for us and I don't really know what a reasonable time would be to expect any significant change. Any further insight would be so much appreciated. God bless you all.