... interferon treatment Wich really, really, sucks. Been on for 14 months and have 6 months to go. I've come off the suboxone,(bad idea) and now am experiencing sever leg and muscle pain. I know it's cause of treatment and withdraw is making it worse. It's been over 12 days since off suboxone so the worst is over. My doctor suggested pain medicine for alittle bit. I'm afraid it's gonna kick start the withdraw again, even if I'm on it only for a week or so to help. I would choose relief over pain any day. I love hanging out with my 5 y.o. Son but am restricted cause of pain. Do you think the pain medicine will kick start the withdraw process again. Coming of suboxone was the worst thing I've ever delt with. Worse then dope and I do not want to do that again. But I can't take this joint and muscle pain