My doctor has had me on suboxone for almost 5 years. I started out on 2 pills a day and eventually swapped to the strips. Im now on half a strip 3 times a day. I want off of these things so bad but am scared that trying to get off with make me wAnt to use other drugs again. I worry all the time about the residual side effects from this medicine and of course the expense is ridiculous. I have no insurance so this is coming out of my pockets. Last march i was accepted in the johnson and johnson here to help program where they pay for your mesicine for you but my time is almost up. I just dont know how i will pay for the medicine. I know that i will have to go thru some withdrawals but i dont know if I'm strong enough to Handle them for long. I have a very high stress and VERY high profile job in the public. All of this could cause me to lose my job. What should I do?
Desperate to stop