... the two 8mg pills in the AM instead of an AM/PM dose. I felt fine, that held me over well into the next day. Could have even skipped a day. So I started taking one a day and then half of one and then half of a half (4mg). I stopped at about 1mg. And then started taking small amounts of Morphine and Roxicodone. About three Morphines total and 4 Roxi's. Over the course of 13 or so days. So yes very small amounts. Along with Xanax for a few of those days. Six day's now off of everything. I'm depressed, a little anxiety (worse in the AM) and have very low energy. Plus restless legs at night and insomnia. My question is... what I'm feeling right now from the Suboxone still or the other stuff? I do have to admit this is nothing like a Methdaone withdrawal! But it's no party. Any input, success stories or when I'll start to feel a bit better would be awesome. Thanks in advance... This Girl :0)