2-4 mg a day. but before that i was taking 3 8mg tablets a day. i have been sitting on these vicidon and i dont want to waste them because i tried about 1 week ago i took 6 750mg v's and i waited 34-36hrs after my last dose of suboxon and they didnt do ****. i think its because ive been on suboxon for so long. but im driving myself crazy and i would really appreciate it if somebody would give me a lil advice. I wanna take the v's but i dont want to waste them. know 1 will really respond to my ?. so if some1 can just please be st8 up with me and tell me how long i need to wait to take my v's the past 5 days ive been taking 2-3(mg) of suboxon. please dont preach to me about shiit i just would appreciate some good experienced advice. i hear from others 2 weeks,48-72hrs, 24-36hrs. like i said i waited about 36 hrs last time after my lasy dose. somebody please tell me what i need to do and how long i REALLY have to wait. id appreciate the advice so much if you guys would give me a st8 up answer. so please let me know im going crazy over here
thank you all,