... continue going down slowly and be off methadone but due to legal issues I am not allowed to take methadone but I am allowed to take suboxone.

I had to make the switch as fast as possible so I contacted a dr. Who said if I waited 36 hrs I should be okay to start sub. I had my appointment yesterday and was given 6 2mgs and a Rx for 6 mgs. I was in mild withdraw when I saw the doctor and he told me that I could start that day but start slow in case the suboxone caused wd from the methadone. He said if I felt like I was just having continued withdraws to take more sub(but if I experienced rapid wd to stop). I basically felt like the suboxone wasn't taking the wds away so after 8 mgs I took some methadone which helped.

That was last night. I woke up feeling ok so I started with the subs again got up to 12mgs but continued to feel like I was having withdraw onset throughout the day. I took 50mgs of methadone a few minutes ago.

Basically I don't want to continue this cycle and would like any serious advice/tips/suggestions to make a smooth transition to suboxone, thank you. And I know I shouldn't be taking methadone with it but it's helping the withdraws