... month and then taper for a month 25,20,15 etc etc. My insurance company recommended sulfasalazine 500 mg twice a day. on my doc's advice I did another round of prednizone and started the sulfasalazine 11/22/10 as I came off the prednizone on 12/19/10 I developed a rash over my upper torso,my glands became swollen, started running a fever and chills as if I had the flu or something... went to an urgent care clinic and was seen and given Omoxicillan. It's been 2 days and glands feel better still have the rash and chills and slight fever... my question is it likely that i'm having an allergic reation to the sulfasalazine?? Will the omxicillan help? I've since stopped taking the Sulfasalazine. Thanks