As i stated before im on rite now is 60mgs of methadone,the hydrocodone,is 10/235,3 times a day,ok,the thing is i took 3 methodone pills&1 and a half which is 30mg&15/470 in the am&then the same in the evenings,that & tht im a person that can not handle any stress at all,i as i stated before also,raise my 6 yr old granddaughter that has ADHD&ODD,and the level of stress tht i stay under with her behavior&the diffrent meds tht she either cn take or cant which most she cnt take,and tht too her pawpaw just will not discipline as far as being physical(spanking,BUT ONLY WHEN ITS NEEDED)i raised her dad with the same problems,but i went to the phyicharitist&took the therapy w/o him,thinking it wa me not being a good parent&tht i was doing it all wrong(b/c my other son doesnt hav the odd part,just the adhd)but i started young&could do it with my kids(married at 14,got preg w/1st on 3mnths aftr marriage,then 2 son came at age 17)but iv had rayla(granddaughter sinc she was 13mnth,shes now 7 in april)i dnt no wht to do anymore,my pain meds i dnt feel like are haelpin the pain,just keepin me frm goin into w/d,so then im puttin all these chemicals n my body just killing myself)but b/c of my&myhusbands stress level,he is self employeed&stays under strss w/his job also,but the stress we have w/her&trying to keep her on the right rd a he grow,(he dad unlike my other son,got on tht drug rd at age 15&has been fightin addiction for yrs,in&out of jail)i dnt feel i cn raise her much longer w/this pain level,muchless tapering dwn off the meds feeling im gona go into w/d no matter how slow&low i go b/c of the stress level i stay in.i wnt go on,i hope some1 fwels where im coming frm,and tht i cn get some gud advice,but ya no,just to know that im not alone w/this problem will help.and please,as i sit in pain of kowing wht might lie dwn the rd,dnt think tht i dnt love my child,b/c i love her enuff to let her go away frm the screaming at her tht i do actually unknowing until iv already dne it,now shes gotten to where (i feel b/c i holler at her,she has alot of fears tht to me make since,but to every1 else makes no since at all,and they think shes just using tht to not have to do things shes ask to do)i will explain if need be. but i love her unconditional.but i wnt the best for her also.
thanks to all for your time&patience. GODBLESS.