I realize these are common side effects for this particular drug, I'm just suprised they came on so quickly and I know I should keep taking it I just hope these side effects will subside as quickly as they came on. This is the only class of Antidepressants I have not tried. I had been on Lexapro 10mg for the past 2 years or so although it helped with my anxiety, I have been going down hill the past year with extreme fatigue, loss of interest, withdrawn myself from many relationships, crying spells, feelings of guilt. I have Hashimotos disease and was on synthroid and cytemol for 6 months, thats when my depression symptoms became Worse! Yesterday, we decided to try Armour for my thyroid and Pristiq for my depression, I have picked up the armour yet, had samples of Pristiq so I took one yesterday. I should just ride it out huh?