Ok let me explain a little. .. I originally was taking bc pills but they either caused conflict with my blood pressure or they made me crazy..LITERALLY! My Dr suggested I try an IUD. I got it inserted on 10/11/13 and it went fine. I didn't take any meds and only had a slight pinch of pain for about 3 secs. Oh and also i've never had kids so I was expecting lots of pain but I had cramps that caused more pain than that. So anyways after the insertion I bleed only a few drops and that was all. I went back on 10/29/13 for my IUD checkup and asked the dr to trim the strings because my husband said he could feel them and they made him uncomfortable.

This is where everything went south! While trimming the strings the dr accidentally snatched the IUD out and told me she would have to re-insert it. When she pulled it out i could feel something spraying out of me, though i have no idea what it could have been i would assume blood... like maybe she cut me with the scissors?? This time the pain was nearly unbearable. She told me that I could not self check the IUD because she removed the strings completely and that an ultra sound once a year would be enough.

Anyway since then i've been spotting and cramping NON STOP! Some days the cramps are really bad other days just slight. I know it takes 3-6 months for my body to get use to it but why did things go so strange after the dr removed the strings? ?

Should I wait it out or have it removed? Sorry for the loooongg essay but I'm worried and I'm so confused.