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Its very hard to accept my condition how do I deal?

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mitjason 5 Jan 2010

Remember you're not alone when it comes to whatever condition you have. There's someone out there that knows what your going through. I would recommend searching on google for a support group. They can be of great benefit. I hope this helps. Good luck.

frankie72 6 Jan 2010

thanks for your support

barbles2413 6 Jan 2010

I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with something that is obviously very painful maybe emotionally and or physically. Please feel free to reach out t any time. I know anyone here would be more than happy to listen and help in any way. God Bless Barb

frankie72 6 Jan 2010

thank you!!!

barbles2413 6 Jan 2010

I hope today finds you feeling better. I am keeping you in my Prayers


frankie72 7 Jan 2010

I just found out two weeks ago i have high blood pressure also its kind of depressing i,m only 37 years old.

barbles2413 7 Jan 2010

I know how you feel. I too was diagnosed with high BP and when I started noticing it was higher than usual for about the 5 time I was in my pain management doctors office and the nurse took my bp and my husband and looked at each other she left the rom and I started to cry. Mt dad died from heart disease and so this was hitting home. The ass of a doctor (the pain guy) told me that he would not continue to see me until I saw a psychiatrist because I obviously had a mortality issue. Well I see nothing crazy in wanting to be healthy well he got fired by me and I saw a cardiologist I am on Norvasc with no worries my bp is fine anf I lost weight and my cholesterol is great. Alls well that ends well. From having a slightly high bp I got alot of other issues resolved that could have been ignored. So be greatful you found it early you are young and I can tell you will take care of yourself. Good Luck hope this helps Barb free discount card

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