I read all the post and everyone seems to be on pain meds as well as myself but i am slowly trying to wean myself off as i have told on the site, the sad part is most people have no idea how much these dam pain meds will and do just mess your life up worse, i think i would rather be in pain then be the addict that i am.. you think your going to be on them short term and now its been 6yrs and nothing but pure hell!!! Pain meds are just a cover up but by time we learn that its to late and then were all on hear asking for help on how to get off the dam pain meds, its like a catch 22. I am now a drug addict and never thought it would ever happen to me, life SUCKS and some days you just want to end it!!! I hate these f-ing pain meds all they do is make your life worse and i wish i never would have started them.. Mickey from chicago... :(

I may be leaving the site but its not because of any of you guys on hear, you all have been very helpful and great friends.. God Bless to you all, i'm just fed up the site is very helpful but can be depressing! All my love to all of you.