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Its funny how u get hurt the Dr put u on pain meds and then just stop u when ever they want?

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claire64 13 Feb 2011

At the moment i dont have much faith in my doctor either.

LaurieShay 13 Feb 2011

Hey kellyjo,

Refresh my memory. What kinda problem are you having? I would love to visit with you about this.


caringsonbj 13 Feb 2011

I can understand how many people including you feel this way, people who are in Chronic pain are at the mercy of a physician who prescribes medication in order for you to function in whatever capacity you can if life, yet on the other hand a doctor has control to where they can discontinue those medications at any time, I think it is so vver important when looking.finding a doctor who is going to have control in managing your pain for you to thoroughly interview that doctor, ask questions, and think about how you feel about the answers that doctor gives, If the doctor isn't willing to give of his/her time in order for you to make a decision that is life altering then it is clear to me that he.she isn't the doctor for me, after all you pay the doctor either through your money or through insurance, it's your body, is that doctor going to feel insulted because you speak your mind?

Cathleen186 13 Feb 2011

Yes it happened to me. Vicodin for 3 yrs then dc cut me off just like that. So then he said go see a addiction specialist. But really out pain is in their hands. free discount card

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