I went to the doctor a few days ago and I was told I have some kind of infection (the type wasn't specified). He prescribed me cefuroxime 500mg 2x a day and prednisone 10 2x a day taken together every 12 hours. I'm allergic to doxycycline (bright red cheeks, small bumps on chest) and augmentin (hives), I've read that since I'm allergic to augmentin I may have a reaction to cefuroxime, which is why I'm guessing the pharmacist asked if my doctor knew I was allergic to augmentin when prescribing this. I've been taking the medications for 4 days and generally feel better but I've been itchy in random places on my body since starting this medication, no hives or rashes but I'm a little worried the prednisone may be suppressing a reaction if I'm allergic to this antibiotic as well and I'm unaware and making things worse by continuing it. I may be paranoid but I'm unsure if I should go back to the doctor or not for this.