Hi, I wanna say I am in a very bad condition and living is becoming very hard for me.

I have been suffering from a fatal disease, at least I can say it. I have went for checkup to many popular doctors here, everyone give various medicines but there has been no possible or permanent cure yet.

I have been suffering from itching of eyes, in the inner and outer part of my eyes specially eye lids, very bad itching happens and with even my best tries I have to do itching. Please tell me what's the problem??

Initially, It was only itching in eyes, but after a year, suddenly itching also started or you can say spread into other parts of the body which were Ears, in the inner part of ears, throat, whenever I eat something or drink, and also in my nose, specifically in the nostrils.

Moreover, not only itching but when the itching starts, water from my eyes and nose also starts falling down and sometime with water, wastes from my nose also begin. Along with this severe type of sneezing also begins and with it the itching becomes more dominating.

I have described all the possible situation from which I am suffering and I am sure you will be able to find a possible and permanent solution, even you can tell me which disease I am suffering because I have not been able to determine it yet. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!