I have been having major itching on my legs and lower torso for almost a month now, the itching is the worst when I'm in bed, when small bite like lumps appeared, my mother and I thought we may have dust mites. However, I then went on a trip with my friends and the itching still happened when I went to bed in our cabin. So I was stumped. Last night I stayed at my cousin's and the itching was still there when I was trying to sleep. I had a thought, the itching started everywhere under my underwear, in fact, that's where the bite like lumps are, and it happens the worst when I'm in bed. So I thought, is it the cotton or something that's in cotton materials? After scratching the living hell out of my legs, I just grabbed a woolen blanket and slept on that. The only place that itched after that was anywhere my head was touching the pillow and of course, underneath my underwear. At 21, is it possible to suddenly be allergic to cotton or something in it?