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It paxel recommended for a 16 year old?

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Inactive 2 Jun 2011

Hi ChristinaA. I suppose you mean Paxil. I don't see why not. Under a drs supervision, monitering. I just wonder why. Paxil can be used to help fight depression, ocd, and .anxiety. There are medications that deal only with specifics. Say only for anxiety, or only for depression. Paxil has its side-effects, mind you most medications do carry some sort of baggage in that regard. I would contact the prescribing physician, or a pharmacist. Just for your own peace of mind. best wishes

LaurieShay 2 Jun 2011

Hey ChristinaA,

Most antidepressants carry a warning about prescribing to patients under the age of 24 because of increased incidence of suicide potential. That being said, as long as the patient is being closely monitored, as Pledge suggested, it is ok.

Best wishes,

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