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It has been 2 months since I had Mirena inserted and Im still bleeding every day steadily?

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Marvell 25 Oct 2011

Constant bleeding does appear to be a problem in some women when they get Mirena. If it continues I would suggest that you see your doctor.

Ibel120 18 Nov 2011

This is totally normal. My doctor said it would last from 6-9mo of bleeding. I'm now at the 6mo marker and I have finally stopped bleeding heavily.

You could also contact your doctor so you can be reassured that this is normal. I saw my doctor 1-2mo after the insertion and she said bleeding everyday was normal.

Spiceoflife 22 Sep 2013

I've had mine in for about 7-8 weeks and have had spotting since, it goes from, the ending stages of my period to actually spotting, I'm wondering if that's normal and when will it stop. I never got my period after it was inserted, I felt bloated but never got it, are u suppose to have one the first month? Or is that normal for some women to not have one once inserted? free discount card

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