hi, I am a female, 27, consuming 20mg nimegen everyday after dinner, and up till today it was the 5th week.. as expected, my lips got very dry and my eyes were red and itchy sometimes.. my most concerning is my skin improvement.. at the first week of nimegen, my skin starts to feel dry which is great coz my skin get kinda oily at evening.. and on the second week, i got 1-2 pimples, and on the 3rd week i get 4 acnes on my face and it leaves big and red scar! and on the 4th week i get 2 big pimples on my chin area! i don't know how long nimegen will give me result and i started to lose confidence on my self esteem and the drug.. is it true that i will get more breakouts at the beginning??? i am so worried till the extend that i couldn't sleep at night and i feel so ugly right now.. :'(