When my 11 year old son turned one he was tested for TB 3 times. He had very sensitive skin and eczema. The tests weren't conclusive and the dr. decided to go ahead and treat him as if it were positive. He was on isoniazied for 5 months and taken off because of weightloss. He weighed 18 lbs at a year and 16 lbs and 18 months. At age 5 he was re-tested and was negative. So he NEVER had TB.
He is now 11 and is 4'3" and weighs 60 lbs. Do you think that the medication had an effect on his growth?? Is that a long term effect of the medication?? I really am wanting to know if this is a permanent issue or if I am worrying for no reason... please give me as much info as you can. Thank you!!!