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Ischemic Stroke - Symtom- 1.Physical Imbalance in walking ? 2. Low vision?

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Shemaqua 17 Dec 2009

I too have had an Ischemic stroke and have had imbalence problems. With Physical Therapy the problem decreased considerably. I think the therapy simlpy teaches your body how to move again. My vision, which wasn't perfect to begin with, has also gotten worse. The first of the year, when my new insurance that covers eye glasses kicks in, I will get a new pair. As far as I can reccomend, get some Physical Therapy if you can. If not, put on a belt that somebody can hold on to you while you walk with a good walking stick and walk. Start on a flat surface and gradually move to uneven surfaces of increasing difficulty. This may take care of the imbalance. As far as the vision problem, eat carrots and get some stronger glasses. That may not be the best answer, so see an optimologist.

itsmetoo2 18 Dec 2009

If this is a Ischemic (TIA) stroke your balance and vision should come back. If it is a full blown stroke then you should have to have physical therapy/ free discount card

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