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Is Zyprexa actually good for insomnia symptoms?

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clm1970 7 Jan 2010

Zyprexa is not my first choice for insomnia as it is one of the most likely to cause rebound insomnia. Ask your provider about about alternatives such as: Periactin, Vistaril, or trazodone.
Good luck!

metoo1 12 Jan 2018

This med suck a quack put me on it 10 mg and it hurts my legs and gives me muscle spasms even though i was given medication to counteract it. I need help but afraid nobody will help me now i am manic because i cannot sleep cuz tried to go off it because it hurt me

Psyched 7 Jan 2010

I agree with the above answer. Zyprexa is meant to be used as an antipsychotic; mainly for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder with severe manic episodes. I wouldn't take it for insomnia. There are a lot of sedatives your doctor can prescribe you: Restoril, Rozerem, Vistaril, Lunesta... these are pretty popular at the hospital where I work. Maybe you could ask your doctor about one of these. Hope this helps.

cat4367 3 Jun 2010

I have had insomnia for years and i started taking zyprexa and i have not had any trouble sleeping since. Good luck

rvnew 9 Dec 2011

I guess it depends on what is causing your insomnia. I wouldn't choose a drug like Zyprexa, an antipsyhchotic, for insomnia. But some people with serioius mental illnesses that prevent sleep might only benefit from a drug like Zyprexa. I have a friend who obviously has some kind of nervous condition and her brain just won't shut down to go to sleep no matter what. She's on Seroquel, Trazadone, Ambien, an over the counter sleep aid, Geodon, and still had trouble sleeping. Then after adding Zyprexa after a few months she started being able to sleep. I wouldn't use Zyprexa if I didn't need to. Take care.

sleepymom2006 13 Jan 2017

As someone that has severe anxiety, ptsd, depression, minor ocd, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, my brain does not like shutting off well at night. It is like never ending worrying, thoughts as well as night terrors from ptsd and I am currently on Geodon, anafranil, Xanax, tegretol. I have tried seriquil trazodone ambien lunesta the whole nine yards. my doctor then added zyprexa and uped my Geodon and ever since I finally sleep. not to the point of comatose either. I have two children so its important to me to be able to function as normal as possible and get sleep as anyone knows kids wear you out! try being so wore out you feel like a zombie and still can not sleep from never ending thoughts or overthinking. it is not fun and you will try anything to help you.

metoo1 12 Jan 2018

This drug gives me muscle spasms and rigid muscles in my legs even though the quack gave me medication to counter act it I think this medication is evil and i need help 10 mg of this crap he put me on free discount card

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