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Is weight gain a definite being on celexa ?if so is exercise definite cure or is it just the drug?

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elaine61 7 Feb 2012

I gained 10lbs during the two years I was on celexa. I had to buy new pants! But the weight came off as soon as I came off the celexa. You could try exercise, although my life was very busy when I was on celexa and I had a decreased appetite, so I feel you will gain some weight what ever you do. Having said all that, I have to say it was worth gaining the weight as the two years I was on celexa really helped me through a dreadful time in my life:-) Hope that helps.

Inactive 7 Feb 2012

Hello cmal005. In clinical studies, weight gain was reported as a common normal side effect in 2% of the people taking the Celexa. Good health and wishes to you,pledge

Inactive 7 Feb 2012

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Inactive 7 Feb 2012

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Inactive 7 Feb 2012

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