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Is vicodin m361 10mg stronger than vicodin 3601 10mg?

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BRRMARS 10 May 2011

i have neve heard of that vicodin comes in these strenghts 5/500 7.5/750 10/500 10/325. so i don't know what that is?

DzooBaby 10 May 2011

The m361 is hydrocodone 10mg and acetaminophen 650mg made by Mallinckrodt and the 3601 is hydrocodone 10mg and acetaminophen 325mg made by Vintage Pharmaceuticals. The hydrocodone component is the same. The acetaminophen component is different. So I guess to answer your question, the m361 would be stronger by the acetaminophen component but I doubt you would be able to tell much of one from the other as far as pain control. The less acetaminophen you take, the better, in my opinion!

Inactive 10 May 2011

10mg is 10mg. You are probably looking at a different manufacturer.

DzooBaby 11 May 2011

The acetaminophen concentrations are different but the opioid is the same. One has more acetaminophen in it.

Inactive 11 May 2011

Thanks DzooBaby I see that now. This Lyrica is great for the pain, but blurs the heck out of my vision! free discount card

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