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Is Valium and Norco of the same family?

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sTigerrr 24 Oct 2010

Hello... no, they are not in the same family. Norco is a narcotic medication used to treat pain. Valium is a benzodiazepine, which is in the family of xanax and klonopin. Benzos are typically prescribed to treat anxiety, but also have therauputic benefits that relax muscles/spasms, and some even are used to treat premenstrual dysphoric disorder and night terrors. I am prescribed xanax in conjunction with a pain medication (nucynta) because it relaxes my legs, giving me great pain relief. Even my physical therapist noticed marked improvement in my legs, including while taking this, my feet are not freezing cold all of the time and the paresthesia had subsided (I have had 2 leg ultrasounds and my circulation is normal). Of course, being a pain patient, I do have occasional anxiety so the xanax kills 2 birds with one stone. On a side note, I also have dystonia and required theraputic Botox injections (200 units) every 3-4 moths. Since being on the xanax, I have not had to have these injections since March- I have never gone so long without needing them. But please be very careful with benzos- they are highly addictive to some people, and either over using or ubrupt cessation can easily cause a person to have seizures. Entering hospital charges for a living, I see it happen very often. Luckily, I only require a low dosage, and have gone off of them several times without a problem. I hope you find some of this helpful, and that you find the valium eases yor anxiety as well as pain... feel better. free discount card

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