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Is tramadol comparable to vicodin?

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26 Jul 2010

Tramadol is kinda in a class all its own; it has both opioid and nonopioid characteristics but, while vicodin consists of a mix of two drugs (hydrocodone and tylenol), tramadol (ultram) is only one drug that acts in two ways. Tramadol is considerably weaker than hydrocodone, and its much less widely abused. Tramadol is used in a lot of detox clinics that have people coming off of other opioids that they were prescribed and then started to abuse (like oxycodone) but still need pain management for real physical ailments.

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26 Jul 2010

Not even close my friend vicodin is a narcotic tramadol trys to act like a narcotic not a very good act if you ask me.

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26 Jul 2010

I agree with mrspage on the difference in strength, but it is still considered an opiate.If you click on "Drugs A to Z", look up Ultracet (combination Tylenol/Tramodol) is does clearly states that tramodol is an opiate. Recently I heard that the FDA is looking in to this medication. It is also addicting.

My best wishes,

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26 Jul 2010

I think that it's close

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15 Oct 2010

i take both for back pain and for me a 50mg tramadol is about equal to 5mg of hydrocodone

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